The Civil War Augmented Reality Project – VERY COOL!
The Civil War Augmented Reality Project

I was recently contacted by a group of history educators in Pennsylvania about The Civil War Augmented Reality Project. The team (see below or the “about” link for members) has provided the following concise description of the project: Our project, the Civil War Augmented Reality Project, is intended to enhance the experiences of visitors to […]

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Military History Word of the Day – "Castrametation"

Photo: Prospect Hill, Virginia. Camp of the 13th Regiment New York Cavalry. (“Seymour Light”) [Library of Congress, CALL NUMBER: LC-B817- 7218] While¬†researching the influence of Jomini on the conduct of the American Civil War, I ran across an article by James L. Morrison, Jr., (Professor, History,¬†Emeritus, York College of Pennsylvania) titled, “Educating the Civil War […]

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