The Series

I’ve had a fair amount of interest in the following series and finally got around to posting links to these in one place on “the popular series” page here. Hope you find this helpful. Here’s the run down…

The Civil War as Second American RevolutionLincoln

     Cogitating on Abraham Lincoln as “Revolutionary”
     The Civil War as Revolution – Part I
     The Civil War as Revolution – Part II
     The Revolutionaries of the American Civil War

Exploring Causes of the Civil War

     Antebellum America
     The Antebellum South
     The Antebellum North
     The Rise of Sectional Disputes
     The Contribution of Constitutional Ambiguity
     Political Discord, Slavery, and the Fight for Political Control
     The Influence of the Individual
     The Debate Over the War’s Inevitability

The Experience of Soldiers

     The Weapons They Carried
     Why Men Fought in the Civil War
     On Lice, Disease and Quinine
     Death and Injury on the Battlefield – Part I
     Death and Injury on the Battlefield – Part II