Military History Word of the Day: "Refuse"

Refuse Military. to bend or curve back (the flank units of a military force) so that they face generally to the flank rather than the front. refuse. Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. (accessed: August 08, 2009). It is not surprising that McClellan did not immediately decide to employ his left wing under Franklin […]

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New Page: the weapons… first entry – Minié ball

I am in need of another page on which to collect notes about weapons. I’ve begun it here. First entry… Cylindroconcoidal Bullet [“Minié ball”] Invented by a Captain Norton of the British army in 1832. [TACWOMW, 16] Perfected by Claude-Etienne Minié (right) in 1843, a captain in the French army. [TACWOMW, 16] “Previously too slow […]

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