the judicators

This page stores information about judges that influenced 19th century American history.

lecomptecroppedLecompte, Samuel D.

  • Associated with the infamous “Sacking of Lawrence,” May 21, 1856
  • Born in Dorchester County, Maryland, December 13, 1814. Died in Kansas City, April 24, 1888.
  • First chief justice of the Territory of Kansas
  • Prominent on the bench of Leavenworth County and a representative in both houses of the Legislature
  • Graduated from Jefferson College, Pennsylvania
  • Studied law in Maryland and was admitted to the bar
  • Served one term in the Maryland Legislatures
  • Appointed by President Pierce in October, 1854 as chief justice of the Territory of Kansas Held position until March 9, 1859.
  • “At the close of the Civil war he renounced his democratic beliefs and became a republican.”
  • Served four years as probate judge of Leavenworth County
  • Represented the Leavenworth County in the State Legislatures of 1867-68
  • April 15, 1874 – elected chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee of the First District

Source: accessed February 15, 2009.

taney-croppedTaney, Roger B.

  • 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, March 28, 1836 – October 12, 1864
  • Presided over the Supreme Court which handed down a ruling on the Dred Scott case, March 1857
  • 12th United States Secretary of the Treasury, September 23, 1833 – June 25, 1834,

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