Robert Anderson, Fort Sumter Commander

Major Robert Anderson

Full Name

Robert Anderson

Biographical Notes

Born: 14 June, 1805, Near Louisville, Kentucky (Soldier’s Retreat)

Died: 26 October, 1871, Nice, France

  • A native of Kentucky, most ancestors were Southern as was his wife (she was from Georgia).
  • Owned slaves and sympathized with the South.

Military Notes


United States Military Academy (West Point) in 1825

  • Sent by Washington to take over command of three forts in the Charleston, South Carolina area. These included: Sumter, Castle Pinckney and Moultrie.
  • Did his duty in defense of Fort Sumter

Wars Fought

Black Hawk War
Second Seminole War
Mexican American War
American Civil War

Ranks Held

  • Brevet 2nd Lieutenant
  • 1st Lieutenant
  • Assistant Adjunct General
  • Brevet Major
  • Major, Union
  • Brigadier General, Union
  • Brevet Major General

Noteworthy Battles Fought

Battle of Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina. His opponent was J. T.


  • His father, Major Richard Anderson, defended Fort Moultrie (then Fort Sullivan) during the American Revolution.
  • In the Black Hawk War, Anderson mustered in and out of the military then Captain Abraham Lincoln.

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