Causes of the Civil War

From Eric Wittenberg at Rantings of a Civil War Historian and author of a number of books on Civil War…An Excellent Series of Posts December 18, 2007

Rene Tyree has an excellent series of posts that began about a week ago on the causes of the Civil War. Tonight’s installment is part 8 of the series, and it’s really very well done and very insightful. I highly recommend the entire series to you…[it] constitutes one of the best and most concise analyses of the causes of the war I have yet seen.

1: Introduction

2: Antebellum America

3: The Antebellum South

4: The Antebellum North

5: The Rise of Sectional Disputes

6: The Contribution of Constitutional Ambiguity

7: Political Discord, Slavery, and the Fight for Political Control

8: The Influence of the Individual

9: The Debate Over the War’s Inevitability

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