Civil War Railroads


Station at Hanover Junction, PARailroads played an important role in the the American Civil War. I’m adding this page so that I can begin to collect information related to rail history during the war. As I encounter data on the impact of railroads to other events in military history, I may add those as well.

Note the following posts  provide considerable information.

Were the North and South Evenly Matched….on the Rails?

Railroad Generalship

On General Grenville M. Dodge

3 Responses to Civil War Railroads

  1. Patricia LaBounty says:


    I am working on information re: General Dodge. I believe that he was instrumental in several battles because of his background in railroad engineering/surveying. I know that he rebuilt the line around Corinth; he was at the initial seige of Atlanta; Sherman, Grant and Lincoln thought highly of him, but I would love to know more specifics about his contribution to the War effort.
    Have you come across his name? or any other information?
    Dodge, of course, went on to become the Chief Engineeer for Union Pacific during the construction of the first transcon. railroad (which I know much more about).
    Any help would be great.

  2. Rene Tyree says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your note. I’m making some inquiries about General Dodge. Stay tuned.


  3. Rene Tyree says:

    I just posted some information on General Dodge for you. I’m not sure if it includes anything you didn’t already know but hope you find something helpful.

    Credit goes to Pete Hansen, a friend who is also a rail historian.

    Best regards,


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