Discovering the Civil War Online Webcast – March 3rd

Steven WoodworthDiscovering the Civil War Online” is the title of a unique webinar that will feature Steven E. Woodworth, professor and award-winning Civil War author; and Tom Daccord, an educational technology specialist. They will explore utilizing online databases to research Civil War topics.

Noah Shunfenthal, the event coordinator, has indicated that the focus of the webcast will be two fold:

  1. Using period newspapers, periodicals, diaries, and letters to research the Civil War
  2. How to research via online databases, portals, etc.

The level of information to be provided is expected to be of interest to Civil War fanatics, accomplished historical authors, unpublished historians, students, professors, and others who want to step up their online research skills.

I’m a fan of this kind of event and certainly a fan of Professor Woodworth who taught my last class. I plan to attend!

A big shout out to the American Public University (and American Military University) and Best of History Web Sites for co-sponsoring the event.

Here is your call to action:

March 3rd from 11am-12pm ET.
Please pass along to your fellow history buffs and/or students.
Register here.