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Thank you for your interest in advertising on! The original Wig-Wags site hosted by the good folks at was so successful that I have moved to its own domain so that you can reach my readers with targeted ad messaging. Please feel free to contact me with your inquiries. The following information is provided as guidance.

Target Audience / Readers

My readers include students of history of all ages but many are teenagers or college students examining the American Civil War, American history, military history and/or naval history.


You may choose to advertise on featured space, on navbars and footers, and on specific articles or pages.

Ad Formats Available

To maximize the success of your ads on, I have chosen to offer formats that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) considers the best. Their research indicates that the formats below accounted for approximately 80% of total impression weight for ads over a period of examination across the industry.”Each had broad availability along with favorable effectiveness/creative preference assessments.”

I’ve provided an example of each ad format. Feel free to click on these ads and “buy away.” [ahem]

Medium Rectangle  [300 x 250 pixels]

Example below:

Rectangle   [180 x 150 pixels]

Example below:

Leaderboard   [728 x 90 pixels]

Examples below:

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Wide Skyscraper  [160 x 600 pixels]

Example below:

Half Page Ad  [300 x 600 pixels]

Example below:

Button #2  [120 x 60 pixels]

Examples below:

Micro Bar  [88 x 31 pixels]
Example below:

For more information, go to the source: IAB Ad Unit Guidelines 2009 Update.

Link Ads will also be accepted.

Examples below:
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Advertising Rates

Rates for advertising on are competitive but vary by size and placement.