Studies in U.S. Military History

The course examines the military heritage of the United States from the colonial period to the present. “Through a study of the literature of American military history, this course is a study of the individuals, military policies, postures, organizations, strategies, campaigns, tactics, and battles that have defined the American military experience.”

Required Texts:

The reading list looks outstanding. Slight change in texts related to Korean War. I’ve posted these books on my virtual bookshelves that you can find here. I’ll post more about each of these as I get into the semester. Recommended Reading Lists come primarily from the sources of the books below. One exception was: One Hundred Years of Sea Power: The U.S. Navy 1890 – 1990 by George W. Baer which I’ve added to my library.

* American Civil War and The Origins of Modern Warfare
* A People’s Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the 7-Year War
* The Army and Vietnam
* Crusade: The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War
* For the Common Defense: A Military History of the United States of America, Revised and Expanded
* A Revolutionary People at War: The Continental Army and American Character, 1775-1783
* War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War
* The Philippine War, 1899-1902
* Doughboys, the Great War, and the Remaking of America
* The GI Offensive in Europe: The Triumph of American Infantry Divisions, 1941-1945
* The Name of War: King Philip’s War and the Origins of American Identity
* Strategies of Containment: A Critical Reappraisal of American National Security Policy During the Cold War
* Roy E. Appleman. East of Chosin: Entrapment and Breakout in Korea, 1950. Reprint. Texas A&M University Press, 1991.

Instructor, Dr. Kelly C. Jordan

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