The Courses – Masters in Military History – Civil War

Institutional Requirements

Great Military Philosophers (A)
Studies in U.S. Military History (A)
Historiography (A)
Historical Research Methods (A)

Concentration Requirements

The Civil War: Seminal Event in American History (A)
Civil War Strategy and Tactics (A)
Civil War Command and Leadership (A)
Antebellum America: Prelude to Civil War (A)
Reconstruction and Post-Civil War America
Intelligence Operations in the Civil War
or Civil War Cavalry: Theory, Practice and Operations
or The Mexican – American War: 1846-1848
or Special Topic: Military History
or Independent Study: Military History

Comp Exam / Thesis Seminar

Master’s Capstone Seminar in Military History

Graduate Electives

History of Sea Power – Jan 3, 2011 – Apr 24, 2011
Course Description
This course is an in-depth study of the art of war at sea from Salamis to the naval operations in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and examines the expanding role of sea power in supporting operations in combating terrorism. Students evaluate the development of the classical theories of naval warfare, as reflected by Mahan, in light of today’s world conditions, threats, and roles.