Institute of Power Machinery and Mining Equipment

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Power Machinery and Mining Equipment is affiliated with the second-level discipline which is Power Machinery and Engineering disciplines. There are 4 teachers in the Institute of Power Machinery and Mining Equipment, including 1 professor,doctoral supervisor and 3 lecturers.
The main research areas arepower systems and mechanical modeling, simulation and optimization , combustion and emission control of the internal-combustion engine; integration technology of vibration-use project in mine gold equipments, machining, assembly and material forming; rolling stock for passengers, metallurgy, mining, construction vehicles and other manipulation of generalized Comfort theory and technology; multi-equipment of the power plant and mining, metallurgy industry joint operation the CAN control technology; advanced dry, dust control technology and development of whole set equipments of metallurgy, mining and other industries; mobile operating equipment terramechanics and suspension,travel system dynamics and control; the automation equipment kinetic analysis, design and control.