Center of Engineering Graphics Teaching and Research

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Engineering Drawing Education and Research is affiliated with the mechanical engineering design and theory of mechanical engineering. The center chiefly focuses on the instruction of the basic technological courses. There are 17 members, including 2 Professors and 8 associate professors, who take on all specialties teaching tasks of Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing in Northeastern University. The teaching traits are superior and the teaching qualities are excellent. Remarkable achievements have been acquired in the undergraduate teaching. The course of Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing is awarded the national top-quality course. The book of Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing is awarded Liaoning provincial top-quality teaching material. The teaching team is awarded Liaoning provincial excellent teaching team. Outstanding achievements have been acquired when the staff members coach students to take part in the national intelligent car competition, mechanical innovational design competition, advanced drawing skill competition, and other competitions of the extracurricular innovational activities.
The main research fields are Computer Graphics Processing Theory and Application, Computer Aided Geometric Design and Reverse Engineering, Computer Vision Application in Mechanical Engineering, the drying and vacuum equipment, etc.