Institute of Process Equipment and Environmental Engineering

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Process Equipment and Environmental Engineering (PE&EE) is affiliated with two second-class disciplines, Chemical Process Equipment and Fluid Machinery and Engineering. The faculty of Institute of Process Equipment and Environmental Engineering (IPEEE) is made up of 9 teachers, including 2 professors(1 Doctoral Supervisors) and 3 associate professors.
The major research fields of IPEEE include extraordinary heat and mass transfer theory and engineering applications, environmental engineering and environmental machinery, process equipment control engineering and fault diagnosis, etc. The institute has established long-term cooperative relationships with some foreign universities, such as Kyushu University, Hokkaido University, Kumamoto University, Kagoshima University, etc.
IPEEE has three open professional laboratories of Process Principle Lab, Vacuum and Cryogenic Technology Lab, and Environmental Engineering Lab. In the recent five years, IPEEE has hosted 5 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and about 30 other scientific research tasks of national level and provincial level. IPEEE has also obtained 18 national granted patents, and published 7 teaching materials and monographs and more than 120 research papers.