Institute of Industrial Design

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Institute of Industrial Design was established in 1999, affiliated with the second-level discipline,mechanical design and theory. The Institute now has 10 teachers, including 1 associate professor and 8 lecturers. Institute of Industrial Design is the art industrial product design training base of Liaoning Province, which now includes five studios: innovative design studio, public environmental facility studio, product animation studio, product design studio, product advertising and photography studio.
 The main research areas are creative design of products, design and development of products, visual communication design of products, analysis and design of man-machine interface of products, environmental and decorational design of products and industrial aesthetics, etc. The institute focuses on the research work of industry product design of "large and medium-sized whole set equipment".
In recent years, Institute of Industrial Design the institute has participated in undertaking 4 National Natural Science Foundation of China and programs of the National Natural Science Foundation , and has undertaken more than 40 actual enterprise cooperation projects , received 5 national utility model patents , 6 appearance design patents and 1 software registration rights