Institute of Mechatronic Engineering

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The Institute of Mechatronic Engineering relies on the second-level discipline Mechatronic Engineering. The institute has a faculty of 14, including 3 Professors(2 Doctoral Professors) and 4 associate professors.

The main research areas: intelligent control of mechatronic systems, intelligent robotic and control, applications and control of vibration, human-robot interface and rehabilitation engineering, modern logistics technology and installation, monitoring and simulation of system and so on. In the recent 5 years, dozens of research projects, including the National Basic Research Program (973 Program), the State Key Program of National Natural Science of China, General Projects, Natural Science Foundation for the Youth, the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), and Major Horizontal Cooperation Programs have been conducted in the institute. The institute has been granted many awards from ministries or provinces. Over 200 papers and 10 books were published. 8 inventions were patented. The institute has close contact and cooperation with famous universities, research institutions, industrial communities and international academic circles.