先进制造与自动化技术研究所现有教师19人,其中教授5人(博导4人),副教授10人。所属二级学科为机械制造及其自动化,是“辽宁省CAD/CAM工程技术中心”、 辽宁省高等学校“先进制造与自动化技术重点实验室”和辽宁省“高档数控机床重点实验室”的建设单位。
Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology
      Now in the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and automation Technology there are 19 full-time teachers, in which there are 5 professors (4 Doctoral Supervisors),10 associate professors. It belongs to the second-level discipline called Machinery Manufacturing and Automation. It is the “CAD/CAM Engineering Technology Center of Liaoning Province”, “Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Automation Technology” of institution of higher learning in Liaoning, the construction unit of “Key Laboratory of High-grade Numerical Control Machine Tool” in Liaoning Province.
      The main research directions: Grinding and precision machining, Digital design and manufacturing, The manufacturing system and high-grade CNC machine tool, Robots and Automation equipments, Micro processing theory and technology, Modern measurement theory and technology. In the recent 3 years, more than 10 Natural Science Foundation of China and National Science and Technology Support Projects, more than 20 provincial projects have been undertaken, and more than 200 academic papers have been published.