Next Class: Historical Research Methods

Up next…Historical Research Methods.

Course Description:

The course addresses the development of core research skills for advanced historical study. Through case studies analyses, the evaluation of different types of historical evidence, and the consideration of how valid research questions are formulated and applied, it is designed to refine the critical thinking, research, and writing skills that are fundamental to valid historical scholarship.


From Reliable Sources: An Introduction to Historical Methods

Information Literate Historian : Guide to Research for History Students

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  1. I’ve worked through perhaps 2/3 of the From Reliable Sources title and find it useful, if a bit euro-centric in its presentation (the authors specialize in medieval history, if I remember correctly). Their work increased my awareness of different approaches to historical inquiry, the process of primary source evaluation, and the dilemna of the historian in crafting an interpetation from sources that can only ever offer glimpses of the past.

    I was not aware of the second title, but I think it will be of great help in my efforts to sharpen my research skills for some projects I hope to undertake.

    Thanks for the post!

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