My New Kindle 2

My new Amazon Kindle 2
My new Amazon Kindle 2

I took the plunge and bought an Amazon Kindle 2. This was a tough decision because (here’s where my family roll their eyes) I’m a bit obsessive about my books. But there are times when I’d really like a book NOW. So I’m considering this an expensive experiment. Here are my impressions so far.

  • Packaging was very cool. Nicely done.
  • Instructions were very easy to follow. I was up and running in seconds.
  • The device came set up and registered so I didn’t have to register it. I could start browsing the Kindle store and downloading.
  • I bought the standard leather case (see below) and I’m glad I did. It lets me feel like I’m holding a real book which I like.
  • The Whispernet technology was amazing. Well done Sprint.
  • It came with The New Oxford American Dictionary loaded for free which is always handy.
  • I can preview books for free.
  • I’ve bought already The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, Richard Crawley ($0.99) which I ordered from the Kindle itself.
  • I then ordered – via my computer on Amazon’s site – David Liss’ book, The Whiskey Rebels: A Novel – and with one click, it was automatically sent to my Kindle 2.  It was done in seconds. Sweet! And I paid $9.99.
  • I can also download and listen to audiobooks but these I must download to my Mac and then transfer to the Kindle. The unit has two speakers and a headset jack.
  • The Kindle  comes with text-to-speech technology so i can have any text book read to me if I choose. The voice intonation is not at all bad. It’s not a performance but it’s quite functional.
  • I can archive content on Amazon’s site and reload anytime I want which is great. No need to hook up to the computer or store on an external harddrive.
  • I can bookmark, mark up, highlight, and add notes to what I’m reading.
  • I can store personal documents. I can send any document to my Kindle email and Amazon will convert it to pdf [CORRECTION – IT DOESN’T CONVERT TO PDF BUT A PROPRIETARY FORMAT but read the comments for more options] for free and ship it back to my computer. To send it to the Kindle, they will charge a small fee. This is one of their “experimental” features.
  • I can transfer MP3s to my Kindle to listen to music while I read. The transfer would be from my Mac.
My leather case

21 Replies to “My New Kindle 2”

  1. Hi Rene,

    I´ve been cheking out all these kind of widgets as sony reader and kindle. As I’m from latin america i guess i have to buy it by internet because there’s no any shop where i can see it here in Colombia. these days i watched at amazon’s page the new kindle DX It seems really wonderfull because of all the features but i have a single, even inocent, question: can you, with your kindle 2, connected to your laptop and transfer your personal documents to it without any problem? or do you have to send it to an email first and then download it there? I guess if you can transfer documents directly from your laptop to your kindle 2, then i could do it with my next kindle DX :). Thanks for your review and your soon answer i need to buy one of those and i dont know what to do i can´t waste my money i need to be sure before buy it.

  2. I’ve been trying to discover two things: 1. can you transfer your notes on a text to your computer for use in another note-taking program (i use InfoSelect)?

    2. Can you read downloads from a public library (ebooks checked out) on the kindle?

  3. OK…I admit up front that I’m a bookophile…but have to ask this question: Do you miss the feel of turning the pages, holding the book, the smell of the cover, pages and binding? Those are the things that have kept me from buying the Kindle so far. I am eager to hear what you think after using it for a while.

  4. Rene,
    Have you started reading The Whiskey Rebels yet? Sounds like a great story/concept, but I’d be curious to know your thoughts before I pick it up.

  5. Rene,

    Thanks for the mini-review of the Kindle 2. I’ve been lusting after it since the first announcement. I really love the idea of having a single, lightweight source to read a current book, as well as favorite columnists, blogs, etc.

    What a neat idea that you could switch from reading on your lunch hour to an audio book on the drive home.


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