The good folks at Texas A&M University Press have sent me a review copy of Wallace Ohrt’s work, Defiant Peacemaker: Nicholas Trist in the Mexican War which arrived this week. I ran into Nicholas Trist in this semester’s reading and found him a fascinating albeit almost forgotten character. Highly principled, he sacrificed his entire career to negotiate the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and defied a U.S. president to do it. The result was an end to the Mexican War and the acquisition of the Southwest.

From all I’ve heard, this is an excellent read and can’t wait. More to come.


Defiant Peacemaker: Nicholas Trist in the Mexican War

ISBN: 0-89096-778-4

Published on: 1998-01

Original language: English

Binding: Hardcover

190 pages


2 Responses to Just Arrived! Defiant Peacemaker: Nicholas Trist in the Mexican War

  1. Rene Tyree says:

    Great suggestion. Thanks! Will let you know about Defiant Peacemaker after reading although won’t be able to start until after finals. Stay tuned!



  2. elektratig says:

    I haven’t read the book and will be interested to hear what you think. I assume the book will include a sketch of Trist’s earlier, undistinguished and sort of aimless career, but if not Drew McCoy’s wonderful The Last of the Fathers contains a sympathetic but skeptical description of it and Trist’s relationship with James Madison.

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