Class has started, Antebellum America. Books have been added to the reading list, some familiar and respected authors.

First up, The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South by Kenneth M. Stampp.


And, Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men by Eric Foner.



5 Responses to Antebellum America Course Underway, New Books

  1. Rene Tyree says:

    Enough said. I’ll arrange to get a copy right away. Appreciate the recommendation!

  2. Mark says:

    Potter’s text is an absolutely brilliant work, really a seminal study of the antebellum period and the evolution of the sectional crisis. Definitely one of the most important and well-done books about the Civil War era. My enthusiasm for it is, I think, pretty evident in my review of that book as well. Please check it out:

  3. Rene Tyree says:

    Elektratig and Mark – thanks fro the interest in the texts.

    And Mark – thanks for review link. I’ll look forward to reading. Potter’s book isn’t on the reading list but I am very open to recommendations. Is it a good one? I’ll pick up if you think it a good addition to my library and reading list.


  4. Mark says:

    I read Stampp’s book several months ago, here’s a link to my review:
    Definitely an important text.
    Are you going to be reading Potter’s “The Impending Crisis”?

  5. elektratig says:

    Both additions are excellent. I’m still jealous.

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