I’m pleased to add two sites to my blogroll.

First The Tipsy Historian which you can access here. I’ve enjoyed reading it for the first time today, particularly the post on the Lost Cause Mythology.

And secondly, a fellow student blog called History Rhymes here which is blogged by Alex Seifert, a history student at the University of Wyoming. His focus is postbellum 19th century American History. Alex Rose’s blogroll over at The History Man pointed me in Alex’s direction so merci beaucoup Mr. Rose.

2 Responses to New Blogroll Adds to WigWags

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the mention! Very cool of you, I’m happy that you are enjoying my posts. I’ve been working through the various tenets of the Lost Cause mythology and I’d love your input when you have time.

  2. Jim Beeghley says:


    I was wondering if you could please add my blog to your blog roll. Teaching the Civil War with Technology


    Jim Beeghley

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