Blogkeeping…hello, goodbye

I am making a couple of blogroll updates, both fellow WordPress bloggers…

First, John Maass is closing shop which is sad but understandable. John – hope you’ll continue to stay in touch. I really enjoyed your blog. And best of luck in future endeavors. I plan to keep his link on my blogroll because there is some good stuff there.

Second, a new WordPress blogger at Past in the Present. I’m pleased to see the focus on the American Revolution, an area of interest for me as well. Welcome!

2 thoughts on “Blogkeeping…hello, goodbye

  • Rene Tyree

    Great to hear John! Look forward to reading your posts.


  • John Maass

    Thanks. I still plan to post an occassional piece here and there. Mostly news items thoigh, not really my own stuff.


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