Additional Page – "the milestones"

I’m adding another new page called “the milestones” available here or on the navbar. Like the new page mentioned in the previous post, I need a place to store key dates / developments in military history. The primary focus will initially be on American military history.

I’m currently reading about American military history in the period from 1815-1860 and it’s amazing to see the chronology of developments leading up to the American Civil War. These fall into a number of categories: political, technological, military, etc.

I have made just a start this evening but will continue to update.

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  1. The peacetime Navy expansion mentioned for 1816 caught my eye. There was, during the early half of the 19th century, a strong “Navy” movement in America. Author James Fenimore Cooper (yes, Last of the Mohicans) wrote two works in 1839 as part of this movement – a history of the navy and “Old Ironsides” about of course the USS Constitution. Writing a graduate paper some years back, I was impressed the Cooper’s History of the US Navy included discussions which sounded much like Alfred Thayer Mahan’s writing some fifty years later.

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