In Search of Primary Civil War Sources

A short post for today. I’ve been busy locating and cataloging  “primary sources” related to the Civil War for my reading and research. It’s also the focus of an assignment due at the end of next week. I’ve started a new filter for sorting inks to those sites that I’m finding.

 Abraham Lincoln Papers - The Library of Congress

Please feel free to share if you have any suggestions. I’m amazed at the breadth of information. Well organized sites are preferred. So far – and not unexpectedly – national archives and universities have proved the best sources. I am very hopeful that projects to digitize important historical documents will continue.

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  1. Rene,

    In case you haven’t seen these yet; they all have materials relating to the ACW:

    Ohio State Univ.:

    US Army at Carlisle;

    Virginia Tech:

    US Navy:


    A list of ACW recommended books:

    ACW intel:

    A site containing interesting CW materials:

    As you know, there are many other sites related to specific battles, commanders, etc. which are available.

    A list of blog sites I find useful is:

    Larry F.

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